Nick Sibbeston

Guitarist Nick Sibbeston grew up in Liidli Kue, Fort Simpson NT surrounded by traditional Metis fiddle and Country and Western music, performed by the Lafferty, Sibbeston and McPherson families at community square dances in the 1950s. Nick’s first instrument was a mail order “Palm Beach” acoustic guitar. In Nick’s words:

“So that’s where I started learning how to play the chords and spent hours and hours and hours with my cousins behind our house in the grass, in the shade, playing and singing.”

One of those cousins was Peter Lafferty who mentored Nick on guitar. He played a lot of guitar with his friends at  residential schools in Fort Simpson, Inuvik, Fort Smith and Yellowknife. In Yellowknife, at Akaitcho Hall, Nick was a member of “The Arctic Ramblers.” After a music filled youth, he dedicated his life to public service and today, still plays guitar for his church community in Liidlii Kue/Fort Simpson NT.


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